When l bought this cloth doll l though it could possibly be a late Lenci as the face is similar to a much earlier one which also looks quite grumpy. She also has a Lenci label attached to her. The clothes are also very convincing and beautifully made with a bustle and muff. She has petticoats and bloomers too. The clothes are a little dusty but otherwise in good condition. The hands under the muff also have two fingers joined as in a Lenci. Although there is plenty of felt in the clothing the doll is fully articulated but is not made of felt. She also has no ears under the wig. So she has either had a label fixed to her making her look like a Lenci or she is one. I think she could be 1950/60s. She is almost 19” although the gown is a bit longer.
Cloth Doll With Lenci Label 19”  
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